Maybe blogging just isn't for me. I mean-- I haven't updated since the end of summer.
I get into this mode where if I have more than two things in my life to give a huge amount of attention to, then I cannot have any err... what's it called... not-priorities on my list. They're either priorities or they're not at all.

And that's what this turned into.

I've just been really busy learning.


So you're in Canada, eh?

APOLOGIES about the title. It just had to happen.

At my lap's expense I am updating from my father's too heavy, too hot, too everything-laptop in a room without air conditioning somewhere in British Columbia. But hey-- it's free room and board so I cannot complain.

At least I am not aboard a plane. If you didn't know, I despise traveling.

Soooo we've been visiting Vancouver and what can I say, except for the fact that it's pretty much got the charm and fun of Chicago and the magic and essence of the west all wrapped up in one.

We're finally settled in after about four days and tomorrow will be my first "real" excursion into the city. This should take all day and I'm very excited for it. Unfortunately, I missed the Portobello West Fashion and Art Market but I know that gastown and metrotown will have a lot to offer-- maybe I'll even ignore my fashion impulses for some downtime at Spanish Banks. It's very pretty there... yesterday it was low tide out to perhaps the middle of the bay.

I've met a lot of my mum's old roomates and I can tell she regrests having left Vancouver, for these men and women are so much more charming than the friends she has in the states. Already, my dad is inspired to get his knee surgery because he realizes just how happy he was before "all that shit went down".

Did I mention my mother keeps forgetting I don't speak tagolog and I now hear that come out of her mouth twenty-four-seven? It's the friend factor. I still think it's lovely.

The parks here are bomb, and I'm already regretting the fact that I didn't bring my longboard. The paths are wide enough, so are the roads, and a lot of them aren't busy. In fact, I've already seen about ten longboarders in the past few days, four of them scouting a busy road along SFU, all clad in hardcore-helmets and padding.

Maybe I'll go to school here. I mean, there's Emily Carr if I want art, SFU and UBC for other endeavors.

I really like it here.

[haha american apparel in CANADA]

I apologize I'm being quite vague. I'll make up for it with some pictures on my flickr later.

oh ps. I missed the Blink 182 concert tonight. sad.


Well I'll be...

Only rain today. But she brings new life and wonderful cooling sensations on the back of my neck.

My apologies for not posting an entry for so long. I recently made the drive down to Chicago for the Second Annual Blackhawks Convention (hockey-nut over here), and spent a good five days in Chicago. I'd tell you more about it but let's just say I left the city with a love/hate feeling in my stomach. People can be so rude.

So now that I have been home for about 3 days, it's already time to get up and go. I'll say, the stress of traveling are already tugging at my brain and we haven't even left for the airport yet! I've packed my suitcase and weighed it at about 35 pounds (50 pound limit) so there should be room for all the Vancouver fashion-market/gastown goodies that I'll be compiling for the next two weeks!

I've been corresponding with the Creative Director at Elroy via email and she's been so kind as to give me info on where I can find their pieces around the city (Portobello West Fashion and Art Market being my best bet). I'm excited to see what Vancouver has to offer style and art wise, I know I'm going to feel spoiled after my first step into their modern art center.

Consumerism aside, Whistler mountain and Stanley park are going to be photo goldmines, as well as the places I'll be visiting via bike...

I can't tell you how excited I am to leave this place. It hasn't had much to offer for the short time I have been back, but maybe that's just my glass half-empty perspective that I've acquired as of late. Let's just hope I learn to be a tad bit more grateful. Yesterday's frolic through the nature conservancy with Elliott was a good lesson.

I'm happy and grateful to announce that I've made finalist for Modcloth's Terrific Transformation's Contest. I'm grateful that Modcloth took the time to read and give me this chance to share my story. The other finalist, Shar, has quite a moving story to tell, and my heart wrenched when I read her entry. My hat goes off to her and I wish her the best of luck in everything she does. To tell you the truth, if I do not win, I'm still so delighted that I got the chance to share my story and hopefully I'll have made a difference thanks to ModCloth.

I wish I had the brain capacity to finish crosswords...



I met with a client this morning by way of bicycle and a big heavy laptop (haha i’m so old fashion) on my back, so once I got home I decided that the look for today would be comfy, casual, and well. girly ^^. Notice the eye make up— urban decay and medusa’s circle products with some mac thrown in there.

I took pictures during our little pre-show celebration. With father's new point and shoot. I've come to the conclusion that I still hate point and shoot. The cinematography in the movie was brilliant and moving. However, the movie for content itself was a tad... mediocre.


The head scarf is from grandma's closet, top and pants via H&M, and the shoes are from mum's closet. I love em' all. Oh, and shades provided by American Apparel.


Whose side are you on?

It's rather hilarious that I wore this outfit while running errands on my trusty bicycle today. she's orange, and her name is essi. I was craving a DIY project and lo and behold I grabbed some old leggings from H&M and just started snipping away.

I had to put them on right away, and figured that a nice long tank top would do.I pulled out the OBEY hat and Puma shoes as a bit of a revival stunt and away we go!

It's hilarious that I caught each and every driver of every car that passed me staring. Hm. Maybe I'll have to get some restraint on this new *favorite* piece of mine. It's just too bad I live on the boring side of an even more boring town. It really gives too much freespace to the imagination.

god, those shoes are amazing for biking.

What's not amazing for biking is the denim dress I got today. I finally found one with enough elasticity to hold it up around the chest area (i'm not well endowed as a woman, thanks nature), and it's long enough to cover my otherwise well endowed rear end. oui!! Suprising enough is that it's from American Eagle, I store I had never stepped into before. I guess you can't quite cut out the cookie cutter stores either.


Some green and pups.

Oh, the joy of waking up before the majority of your age group! I had forgotten what privileges this act presented until this morning.

Paula suggested we go downtown and around the county area, starting at 8 AM. She kept her word, and pulled up to my door at 8. Hah, I was still packing my bags then. We were at Bimpe's house by Oh-five, and soon enough we were making people shake their heads at our rambunctious stoplight-car-dancing to Passion Pit remixes.

The Farmer's market was our main goal but after walking all the way up State Street and being distracted by the Art Fair (which made me realize that I could REALLY do that for the rest of my life without complaints), we couldn't find it. It was supposedly moved to King St. but um... even at 9:15 it either wasn't set up, or we're silly. Perhaps it's the latter, but it's in the past. So we made a full circuit around the square, stopped at Jamba so I could grab breakfast (peach perfection!), and headed down to The Union terrace to begin what we had came for.

Paula's senior pictures. Oh, she's so beautiful, it's a shame she kept saying she felt like she looked awkward. The only thing awkward was the sun, come noon time. She brought a good number of clothes to change into which was refreshing and Bimpe was tagging along with us to serve as a good distraction from the lens.

We got our fill of the lake, the little kids, and the atmosphere of the terrace, so we decided to make the trek back to the van, but not before stopping at UO. There was (of course) a "sale". There was also, of course, many more things that I wanted to purchase that were not on sale and my $30 would definitely not suffice. Sad.

We continued on, and took a pit stop at Paula's house to see her new puppy and grab some refreshment. Water, and Spock the white lab. Spock who drinks out of his water bowl only when Paula points to it repeatedly, and when after consuming his fill he steps in the water bowl and steps out. This dog has ocd already.

So out we went to the country yonder and got some shots of Paula in a few different fields. The first one was a menace, and I only say that because of the horrid lighting (harsh shadows EVERYWHERE) and about a third of a ways into the shoot I felt a tickle on my leg. I looked down expecting a tiny beetle, but what do you know it's a huge-ass wolf spider that's ready to take a chunk out of my ankle. My heart stops, I'm horrified, and yes, I DO jump five feet in the air and run 30 yards away. Paula and Bimpe are dying of laughter while I'm practically in tears.

Paula was an angel to drop me off, I came home to review the photos, sleep, eat a bagel, and chill.

So now I'm here.
I have been up for 16 hours (not bad at all) and should probably start settling down since I have a bike to ride and furniture to haul tomorrow morning.



SDWD listening party.

Despite my late rise at about 12:30PM, I was still able to have a productive [summer] day in Madison.

But boy. Walking a mile and a half just to get shaving cream and Gillette for ladies razors-- never mind that! I'll think twice before I decide that smooth legs are worth being sweaty for the rest of the day. ha ha. Too much info? Well.

Elliott was the designated driver for the trip down to Monroe St. for Zach's Stardeath and White Dwarfs listening party at the Paragon. The Paragon is a local sound system and table turner shop, so we listened to the album on vinyl. The depth to the sound was brilliant and even if the lads I dragged along weren't all into it (Dan was texting, Elliott had a migraine), Bimpe and Taylor acted pretty enthused, and towards the end Asher and Brianna showed up. A & B acted as my saviors, pretty much, because they WERE into it.

I designed a poster for the event and much to my surprise, Zach gave me the printed version to take home with me. I'm very proud of this piece, seeing that a year ago I was not all too AdobeIllustrator savvy.

But yeah-- this turntable stuff is pretty rad. I guess one of the first forms of recorded music was labeled the "Edison tube" or summat. Crazy.

by the way-- ever heard of Romka magazine? My friend Alex is featured on page 67 with a couple photos of his lady friend. Have a looksee.