clothes at rei are ugly.

scratch that, hideous.
however, I had to suck up my pride and purchase some chaco sandals (big clunky black ones), and shorts and a shirt made from wicking. All in the color of "bone" to make me look like Nigel from The Wild Thornberries. All of this shall be for the sole purpose of Costa Rica (two weeks away), followed by my involvement with the SCA program (crossing my fingers for washington/montana), and the backpacking trip to colorado next summer.

Oh, but don't get me wrong. I still am planning on looking alright for the beach.

the beach. the ocean! My eyes have never gazed upon the wide ocean before, I have been land-locked for most of my life. This should be a treat. A large change from today's snow/sleet storm in 20 degree weather.

los monos!/// I revived the spectacles that I was shot down for wearing by stina about a month ago. They feel correct on my face. CORRECTTT. We've come to the conclusion that people can be little shits when they want to, but for some it's a fucking lifestyle! glassssss.

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