a nonchalant hour

lo and behold, another saturday left to stew, simmer, boil in frusteration.
oh doll, we keep this dramatic.
oh doll, we set it up.
oh doll, you fucking parasite!

elliot did invite me to drive along with him, and I had the nerve to reject such a quaint opportunity. apparently, we are both in ruts. i never questioned what about, for I knew I would never reveal to him about mine.

the film is. developed. first time fish-eye and nothing quite spectacular. perhaps color film should do it.

oh hello, i'm tewosret. who are you?

1 comment:

  1. i see somewhere a "t" was forgot.
    said "t" means more than it ought.
    the "t" represents the one who is true,
    and always steadfastly loyal to you.
    maybe said man has dreams misplaced
    of thinking you could keep the pace.
    the "t" that should ne'er transform
    surely shan't dissolve to the norm.
    the owner of said consonant, you may not realise,
    always holds an iron mask up in disguise;
    trying always for your joy to feed,
    ignoring wholly his own need.
    a certain gratefulness is shown,
    but is not to love prone.
    avoid the pain you can incur,
    and prolong the situation that occurs...
    you'll soon shape up to avoid the fee
    that comes as result of forgetting the "t"


with each bite it lingers...