SDWD listening party.

Despite my late rise at about 12:30PM, I was still able to have a productive [summer] day in Madison.

But boy. Walking a mile and a half just to get shaving cream and Gillette for ladies razors-- never mind that! I'll think twice before I decide that smooth legs are worth being sweaty for the rest of the day. ha ha. Too much info? Well.

Elliott was the designated driver for the trip down to Monroe St. for Zach's Stardeath and White Dwarfs listening party at the Paragon. The Paragon is a local sound system and table turner shop, so we listened to the album on vinyl. The depth to the sound was brilliant and even if the lads I dragged along weren't all into it (Dan was texting, Elliott had a migraine), Bimpe and Taylor acted pretty enthused, and towards the end Asher and Brianna showed up. A & B acted as my saviors, pretty much, because they WERE into it.

I designed a poster for the event and much to my surprise, Zach gave me the printed version to take home with me. I'm very proud of this piece, seeing that a year ago I was not all too AdobeIllustrator savvy.

But yeah-- this turntable stuff is pretty rad. I guess one of the first forms of recorded music was labeled the "Edison tube" or summat. Crazy.

by the way-- ever heard of Romka magazine? My friend Alex is featured on page 67 with a couple photos of his lady friend. Have a looksee.

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