So you're in Canada, eh?

APOLOGIES about the title. It just had to happen.

At my lap's expense I am updating from my father's too heavy, too hot, too everything-laptop in a room without air conditioning somewhere in British Columbia. But hey-- it's free room and board so I cannot complain.

At least I am not aboard a plane. If you didn't know, I despise traveling.

Soooo we've been visiting Vancouver and what can I say, except for the fact that it's pretty much got the charm and fun of Chicago and the magic and essence of the west all wrapped up in one.

We're finally settled in after about four days and tomorrow will be my first "real" excursion into the city. This should take all day and I'm very excited for it. Unfortunately, I missed the Portobello West Fashion and Art Market but I know that gastown and metrotown will have a lot to offer-- maybe I'll even ignore my fashion impulses for some downtime at Spanish Banks. It's very pretty there... yesterday it was low tide out to perhaps the middle of the bay.

I've met a lot of my mum's old roomates and I can tell she regrests having left Vancouver, for these men and women are so much more charming than the friends she has in the states. Already, my dad is inspired to get his knee surgery because he realizes just how happy he was before "all that shit went down".

Did I mention my mother keeps forgetting I don't speak tagolog and I now hear that come out of her mouth twenty-four-seven? It's the friend factor. I still think it's lovely.

The parks here are bomb, and I'm already regretting the fact that I didn't bring my longboard. The paths are wide enough, so are the roads, and a lot of them aren't busy. In fact, I've already seen about ten longboarders in the past few days, four of them scouting a busy road along SFU, all clad in hardcore-helmets and padding.

Maybe I'll go to school here. I mean, there's Emily Carr if I want art, SFU and UBC for other endeavors.

I really like it here.

[haha american apparel in CANADA]

I apologize I'm being quite vague. I'll make up for it with some pictures on my flickr later.

oh ps. I missed the Blink 182 concert tonight. sad.

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