Some green and pups.

Oh, the joy of waking up before the majority of your age group! I had forgotten what privileges this act presented until this morning.

Paula suggested we go downtown and around the county area, starting at 8 AM. She kept her word, and pulled up to my door at 8. Hah, I was still packing my bags then. We were at Bimpe's house by Oh-five, and soon enough we were making people shake their heads at our rambunctious stoplight-car-dancing to Passion Pit remixes.

The Farmer's market was our main goal but after walking all the way up State Street and being distracted by the Art Fair (which made me realize that I could REALLY do that for the rest of my life without complaints), we couldn't find it. It was supposedly moved to King St. but um... even at 9:15 it either wasn't set up, or we're silly. Perhaps it's the latter, but it's in the past. So we made a full circuit around the square, stopped at Jamba so I could grab breakfast (peach perfection!), and headed down to The Union terrace to begin what we had came for.

Paula's senior pictures. Oh, she's so beautiful, it's a shame she kept saying she felt like she looked awkward. The only thing awkward was the sun, come noon time. She brought a good number of clothes to change into which was refreshing and Bimpe was tagging along with us to serve as a good distraction from the lens.

We got our fill of the lake, the little kids, and the atmosphere of the terrace, so we decided to make the trek back to the van, but not before stopping at UO. There was (of course) a "sale". There was also, of course, many more things that I wanted to purchase that were not on sale and my $30 would definitely not suffice. Sad.

We continued on, and took a pit stop at Paula's house to see her new puppy and grab some refreshment. Water, and Spock the white lab. Spock who drinks out of his water bowl only when Paula points to it repeatedly, and when after consuming his fill he steps in the water bowl and steps out. This dog has ocd already.

So out we went to the country yonder and got some shots of Paula in a few different fields. The first one was a menace, and I only say that because of the horrid lighting (harsh shadows EVERYWHERE) and about a third of a ways into the shoot I felt a tickle on my leg. I looked down expecting a tiny beetle, but what do you know it's a huge-ass wolf spider that's ready to take a chunk out of my ankle. My heart stops, I'm horrified, and yes, I DO jump five feet in the air and run 30 yards away. Paula and Bimpe are dying of laughter while I'm practically in tears.

Paula was an angel to drop me off, I came home to review the photos, sleep, eat a bagel, and chill.

So now I'm here.
I have been up for 16 hours (not bad at all) and should probably start settling down since I have a bike to ride and furniture to haul tomorrow morning.


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