Whose side are you on?

It's rather hilarious that I wore this outfit while running errands on my trusty bicycle today. she's orange, and her name is essi. I was craving a DIY project and lo and behold I grabbed some old leggings from H&M and just started snipping away.

I had to put them on right away, and figured that a nice long tank top would do.I pulled out the OBEY hat and Puma shoes as a bit of a revival stunt and away we go!

It's hilarious that I caught each and every driver of every car that passed me staring. Hm. Maybe I'll have to get some restraint on this new *favorite* piece of mine. It's just too bad I live on the boring side of an even more boring town. It really gives too much freespace to the imagination.

god, those shoes are amazing for biking.

What's not amazing for biking is the denim dress I got today. I finally found one with enough elasticity to hold it up around the chest area (i'm not well endowed as a woman, thanks nature), and it's long enough to cover my otherwise well endowed rear end. oui!! Suprising enough is that it's from American Eagle, I store I had never stepped into before. I guess you can't quite cut out the cookie cutter stores either.

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